Customer focus has been established to ensure this; It is based on fulfilling customer requirements and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to fully respond to the expectations of our customers and to increase the competitiveness and development power of your company.

Our company determines the targets and plans and provides the necessary support for the implementation and development of quality policies. We work to achieve company and unit goals in a team spirit.

Our goal is; is to design effective products for customer satisfaction and competition by constantly improving our knowledge and creativity.

Our manufacturing principle is to do it right the first time and "Zero Error". It is an indispensable principle to manufacture and deliver the products we manufacture in a timely, complete and problem-free manner.

Kuzey Makine Makine takes preventive measures before these errors occur, instead of correcting them after they occur, and makes continuous improvements and technological investments in its business in order to provide better service to its customers.

Northern Mechanical mission combining industry expertise and experience; To provide job opportunities to people who can compete in all fields of activity in the national and international arena and who are prone to teamwork, to offer products and services that will meet customer demands at the highest level. The aim of Kuzey Mechanic is to be a company that produces and shares values for the whole society.
To keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level by producing quality and economical molds on time, both in Turkey and abroad.

High quality
Standard Compliance
Team work
Respect for People